Visualising taste for St Austell Wines

St Austell Wines

Spring 2017

St Austell Wines
Visualising taste

St Austell Wines has a new contemporary look masterminded by the brilliant Nixon design in Cornwall. It incorporates the heritage of the business through archive photos coupled with bold illustrative colours.

The brewery’s design team asked me to create a range of patterns that bring to life the variety and depth of their wine tasting notes.

The process

Abstract art can be very subjective so the challenge was to have a objective logic to the process. Patterns were reduced to basic elements and the result is toolkit of elements that can be used to create any number of patterns.


In application

The brewery’s in-house design team have the ability to edit, resize, or recolour patterns to fit each application. In the brochure cover for the 2017 wine list, the team at St Austell Wines were able to use a striking orange foil blocking which gave extra energy to the design – zesty!


All designs © St Austell Wines.


We would have struggled without your help. It is fantastic and will very much enhance what we are trying to do with our wine business.

Ian Blunt, Sales and Distribution Director